CLIQZ 1.22.0 Download Latest Version

CLIQZ 1.22.0 Download Latest

CLIQZ 1.22.0 Download Latest Version

CLIQZ 1.22.0 Download Latest Version – CLIQZ is the initial browser with integrated quick search and also integrated privacy security: anti-tracking, anti-phishing and advertisement blocker, with the help of this Mozilla Firefox-based internet browser! Experience a brand-new dimension of surfing with the CLIQZ Browser.

CLIQZ 1.22.0 is Rapid and secure! “That is exactly how you intend to use the web. We feel that you are qualified to this. For this we have created the Cliqz browser. Its safety and security architecture offers you back your privacy. Its integrated search reinvents the means you look the web as well as find exactly what you are looking for. Just visualize. You search for something and even before you have completed typing this is what happens: your browser completes top appropriate search engine result as well as website suggestions as if by itself. Only one click and you are where you intend to go. This really feels a little bit like thought-reading. No other browser can do that.”

CLIQZ 1.22.0 Download Latest Version

CLIQZ Characteristics:

On nearly all internet sites trackers are recording your task– even across internet sites. Anti-tracking safeguards you from having your search behavior tracked. With Cliqz, trackers don’t stand a possibility. Your personal round remains without a doubt private.

Aggressive advertisment on internet sites could disturb your internet experience greatly. With the CLIQZ 1.22.0 browser you can obstruct aggravating ads. Then again, you want to see the ads on picked websites? Not a problem. You remain in control.

Don’t fall victim to fake sites. The Cliqz browser will safeguard you from such identification theft. When you are directed to a harmful website, this will certainly be recognized reliably at an onset. A warning will certainly keep you far from brewing harm.

On some sites assaulters could spy on or manipulate your network website traffic. The HTTPs All over function will immediately choose the encrypted link.

Requirements :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 /

Latest Version : CLIQZ 1.22.0

Name : CLIQZ

Size : 307.2 KB

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