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Download Andyroid

Andyroid is an application that lets you connect your mobile device and desktop, together in an online environment, which is optimal for video gaming. The application additionally gives you with endless storage space capacity, PC compatibility and flexibility to play all your favorite mobile titles on your desktop.

Andyroid syncs to your Google play account through the cloud. All your gadgets are synced, so your gaming development is never shed!

Secret Includes Include:

  • Andy provides smooth sync in between your smart phone as well as your desktop
  • Andy lets you connect Win/Mac with Android applications for launching, push alerts as well as storage.
  • You can enable application downloads from any desktop browser straight to Andy OS.
  • Andy lets you watch your much-loved interaction as well as amusement mobile apps, exactly on your desktop.

With Andy, you can use your mobile device as a joystick. This has included allure, as you won’t need to sacrifice any type of multi-touch or gyroscopic components of video gaming Download Andyroid for Windows

Download Andyroid

Andy offers you smooth links in between your desktop and your mobile phone. With this kind of link you can also get SnapChat image messages and also WhatsApp messages precisely your desktop. Andy likewise grants you access to your local computer file system, it has video camera as well as microphone combination as well as designer assistance is additionally available.

There is a contrast graph on the Andy homepage that notes the application’s features in contrast to various other, comparable digital environments, such as BlueStacks

Technical :

Version : 47.260.1096.26

Size :4.16MB

License: Freeware

Requirements : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Wimdows 8, Windows 10

Download Andyroid Latest Version