Download Cloudevo 3.5.2 Latest Version


Download Cloudevo 3.0.2 Latest Version

With Cloudevo you could manage all your cloud accounts from a single user interface! The software Cloudevo aggregates any variety of cloud storage space to a large united cloud. It is unessential where supplier you have your cloud storage space.

Download Cloudevo 3.0.2 Latest Version

Cloudevo Latest combines all of the different cloud services to one big cloud. This united Cloud is after that placed as a drive on your device. All documents are encrypted securely on the Cloud drive. In addition to file encryption, the software program consists of valuable functions, which assist in the handling, management, as well as synchronization of the information in the Cloud. You could access your files in Cloud Drive from anywhere.

In order to reduve the memory space use on your hard disk drive, only submits that are used regularly are cached locally. The rest of the documents you considered as a placeholder. Open a placeholder data as well as the content of the data is downloaded instantly as well as will certainly exist. Edit your files straight in theCloudevo Drive. All adjustments are promptly transmitted back to the Cloud.

Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10/

Latest Version : 3.5.2

License : Free

Size :11.50Mb

Download Cloudevo Latest Version