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Download EyeBeam – is a full-fledged SIP-based softphone VoIP application that allows you to have a sophisticated voice and video interaction experience whether you are a private or part of a company. It is more of a multimedia communicator than a simple VoIP app. Being a third-party SIP-based app, EyeBeam 1.5 Most current is not connected to any VoIP solution, implying that you require to have a service to link to it. This additionally indicates that you are totally free to utilize any kind of VoIP solution that supports the SIP protocol. It is a wonderful tool for innovative customers and VoIP administrators.

EyeBeam is one product in the line of SIP-based softphone VoIP applications suggested by CounterPath, the other products being entry-level X-Lite as well as more advanced Bria.  has even more features as well as is richer than X-Lite in several means because X-Lite is complimentary and also has a cost. X-Lite is intended to entice individuals to update to paid variations of the CounterPath products Download EyeBeam 1.5 for Windows

EyeBeam is different from Bria in the sense that Bria is much more contact-centered and therefore better poised for service and also company environments as well as partnership, while offers more of what is needed and anticipated of a correctly stated full-fledged VoIP softphone application


Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Version : 1.5

Size :2.58MB

Download Latest Version – Windows