Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest Version

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Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest

Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest Version

Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest Version – yEd 3.17.1 is an effective desktop computer application that can be utilized to rapidly as well as properly generate high-grade representations. Create diagrams manually, or import your external data for evaluation. Automatic layout formulas prepare also huge information collections with just journalism of a button. yEd 3.17.1 is openly available as well as operates on all major systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, as well as Mac OS X.

Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest Version

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yEd Features:

  • Interactive Ordered Design can be made use of to interactively format ordered or pseudo-hierarchical circumstances.
  • Hierarchical Layout can be made use of to completely imagine hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical situations.
    Orthogonal Design generates clear representations of complex networks.
  • Organic Format and also Smart Organic Format produce clear depictions of complex layouts like ER-diagrams, UML representations and also a lot more.
  • Organic Edge Router reroutes edges in existing drawings naturally.
  • Orthogonal Edge Router can reroute edges in existing illustrations orthogonally.
  • Circular Layout portrays interconnected ring and celebrity topologies perfectly.
  • Tree Layout can be made use of to imagine tree-like structures in various methods.
  • The tree format formulas can additionally be utilized on graphs that are practically like trees.
  • a personalized workplace lets you organize your device windows to your demands
  • table-like home editors enable you to configure the graphical buildings conveniently
  • Internationalization: yEd has been local in English, German, and partly in Japanese
    an innovative print preview enables you to preview the printing outcomes (specifically beneficial for poster-printing).
  • Session Administration: yEd keeps in mind and also manages your settings.
  • Undoability assistance.
  • Clipboard center.
  • Key-board shortcuts for the majority of the functions.
  • Integrated aid system.
  • Complete support for the YGF file format. The indigenous data layout.
  • Full assistance for the XML-based GraphML documents layout.
  • Complete assistance for the GML graph file format. GML is a preferred text-based chart documents format.
  • Complete assistance for the XML-based GML graph documents style. This is a version of the GML language that utilizes XML phrase structure. Download yEd 3.17.1 (32bit/64bit) for PC.
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Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10/ Mac OS

Latest Version : yEd 3.17.1 (32-bit)

Name : yEd 3.17.1

Size :70.05Mb

Download yEd 3.17.1 32Bit Latest Version 

Supported versions Download
yEd 3.17.1 (32-bit) For Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7  Download
yEd 3.17.1 (32-bit) For Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10/  Download
yEd 3.17.1 (64-bit) For Windows  Download

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